3 Poems by Michael Caylo-Baradi

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3 Poems by Michael Caylo-Baradi


A cluster of skies
musters my soul

to the beat of
darkness falling,

sowing iridescent cities
globing your eyes.

They orbit

to burn
their screams

as storms.

Soon, we light


to the beat of
darkness falling,

in the center

of an eye,
of something


in familiar
rings of destruction

Sonoran Desert Border

A number of lips
take turns on a bottle.
Its mouth gleams
under moonlight,
a door into shadows
cast promiscuously.
The journey to the bottom
is pure thirst.
For now, everything
feels suspended
in clouds of laughter
and tease, hovering
over the edge of nowhere
detained from
laws of somewhere.
The sound
of insects harass
visions of tomorrows
deprived from sleep.
They are framed
in myths, or loosen lips
into a brawl.
Their plots live
on cries
for blood,
the way
their beasts
thrive in
the glory of
sweat and tears.

Our speed assails 45

and the radio fortifies it
in volumes of cool,

unable to cool down
into vanishing points

reared in mirrors
with limited views.

They transit spots
so blind

as fury
in surrender

cruising velocities

from wheels

our flatness
in the usual traffic.

Their jams
stretch for maps

with faults

& valleys

on your  spine.


Michael Caylo-Baradi lives in California. You may find his work in The Common, Eclectica, Ink Sweat & Tears, Local Nomad, MiPOesias, Otoliths, Prick of the Spindle, and elsewhere. He reviews books and literary journals for New Pages.

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