1 Poem by Matthew Bernobich

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1 Poem by Matthew Bernobich


Conversation is a dance under the 3 o'clock moon.
Two heads of cattail bobbing in the wind.
The dust swirls, lazy,
And the clouds roll overhead.

Two strollers turn together,
Imbibing the waterfall fog.
The barn, a stranger to silence,
Wonders what its cows are thinking,
What the chickens dream about,
And who the horses fall in love with.
The crickets chirp their chorus to the
Bullfrog, whose gravelly thunder
Wages war with the peaceful monotony of the night.
The wolf howls in vain to the moon,
A dreamer.

Yet the stars shine on the stuttering billygoat,
Who bleats weak and uncertain prophecy
Atop a grassy knoll.
The night strains to carry his message,
And silence rivers through the air:
A silence that crushes brick walls and shatters mirrors dimly lit,
That orchestrates cosmic ripples with rustling leaves in the celestial Dance.


Matthew Bernobich was born and raised in Connecticut, but he decided to expand his horizons by traveling across the country to attend Reed College in 2011 where he studies French Literature. His French education has taken him to Paris, France, and the Caribbean island Martinique. After graduation in May 2016, he hopes to become a high school foreign language teacher, starting with a two-year experience in Martinique teaching English with the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF).

While he has been writing poetry since the beginning of high school, it was only recently that he decided to publish his works for a wider audience. He has honed his craft and poetic vision thanks to the help of high school mentor Marissa Smith and exposure to mystical poets Rumi, Hafiz, and Saul Williams, among others. He has been published once before with the website The Artistic Muse.

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