1 Poem by Peter Lim

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1 Poem by Peter Lim


The harvest is over this year
I wait for next year's summer
Nature fails in its promise
One season faithfully follows another.

Yet the bounty of my harvest
Is richer than any that nature can provide
In your loving heart shines the eternal green pasture
I need nothing more---all else I set aside.

Our love is the ripening
Of all that grows in this fertile land
Far away from the fever and fret of life
Upon luxuriant and faithful soil we stand.

Every seed of love we plant together
Will flower and grow to be ours alone
This is our pasture of endless beauty and joy
This is the most splendid bounty of what we have sown.

* poem of the writer,  first appeared under a pseudonym  in WHAT IS LOVE? (AN EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT) by Peter Lim, Judi Burstyner and Louis Kushinsky (Blurb, 2012).


Peter Lim was born in the then Malaya but has lived in Australia for over two decades. He received his BA Hons in economics from the University of Malaya in 1963 and his PhD from the Institute of Social Studies,  the Catholic University of Paris in 1974. He was the originator of a prose work WHAT IS LOVE ? (AN EXPERIMENTALPROJECT ) collaborated by Dr Judi Burstyner and Louis Kushinsky from Melbourne.  In 2013 he founded The Melbourne Circle modelled after the Bloomsbury Circle of 20th century London. In the same year, he co-founded Australian & Asian Orchestra. Peter is a self-taught composer and his works had been performed in Melbourne, the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Serbia and soon (through Youtube) in Europe.  Apart from writing and music, his other interests include literature, languages, neuro-science, psychology, sociology, economic policy, welfare and ethics. Peter regards himself as a humanist. He is married and has two grown-up sons.

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