2 Poems by Unyierie Angela Idem

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2 Poems by Unyierie Angela Idem

Wake up from Slumber

Wake up from slumber!
The hawks are about to
Swoop down craters
Invisible to the eyes even
Of the watching gods.

Wake up! For the days
Come when you shall
Wonder where it had all
Gone. In vain you fought
The metallic claws that
Claimed the right to
Appropriate that which
Wasn’t theirs.

Was it a dream, or was
It my imagination to think
That history would  never
Repeat itself?
Did the dream sleep with
The ancestors’ skeletal frames?
Did the young braves cower
In dreaded fear?

Wake up from slumber
And behold your nakedness
Exposed - the impunity of
Shame brought upon you.
Why do your seers search
For lost Wisdom?
The bowels of the Earth
Bring forth nothing to
Compensate for their libations.
The ages connive  in dark
Silence at their sacrifices.
All is vanity!

God has Grey Days

Even God has grey days
When He looks down from
His heavenly abode to contemplate
The chaos down here on Earth.
He must wonder why He
Created the human whose
Destructive streak has seared
The heart of the ages.
He must chuckle at man’s
Futile efforts at elevation
That denies a power most superior.
The grandeur of Man is like the
Transit of Venus behind the
Golden sun: a minuscule shivering
Speck vaporizing into nothingness.


Unyierie Angela Idem teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) at Holyoke Community College (HCC), Holyoke, Massachusetts,  USA. In her free time, she reads and writes poetry that addresses a broad range of issues from personal to social and political. Her poems have appeared in Sentinel Literary  Quarterly: The Magazine of World Literature (April 2011 issue) and aaduna (Fall/Winter 2011 and 2012 issues). She has participated in a number of poetry events, including  HCC faculty readings and the aaduna Fundraiser  in Harlem, New York. She has also been a guest  reader at a public library in Massachusetts. She is currently working on a collection of poems.

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