2 Poems by Mariah E. Wilson

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2 Poems by Mariah E. Wilson

Painted Summers

Popsicles on the back porch
and sand squishing
in between my toes.
Never has anything been better
than a summer, long and lazy,
eternally stretching out until
days blend together, never ending.
Splashing in the water
until darkness comes and
mother calls me home.
Moments like this are forever
even when summer is over I
remember the carefree feeling as it
slips through my fingers like sand. 

Bitter Broken Bones
and when he returned
after many months spent
wandering the desert
his last nerve
thread bare thin
his body a sack of skin
filled with bitter broken bones
not a drop of soul remained
just dust to fill the cracks
she made when she left.

To Touch Infinity

in the city
the sin rolls
in like fog
and we flay
our souls
for a taste
of joy
ever in search
for the key
we all desire
to touch infinity 


Mariah E. Wilson is a writer from beautiful British Columbia. She has been published in Thin Air Magazine, Every Day Poets, The Kitchen Poet, Literary Orphans and The Corner Club Press. Her first poetry collection, We Walk Alone, was published by Writers AMuse Me Publishing. 

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